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Iron and manganese water problems in the well water supply are a common complaint and can be very unpleasant and challenging for the householder. In high concentrations it can cause the water to become brown and undrinkable and even if it is present in small amounts it can result in unsightly brown stains on baths and sinks, heaters, dishware, tiles, walkways,  dishwashers, washing machines, showers and clothing. This unsightly problem can cost you a lot of money in trying to clean all the affected items and even replace them.

A RainDance Water Systems Iron Filter is a cost effective answer to all of these problems. The filter is fitted to your mains supply and the iron water is filtered under pressure through a vessel containing specialty media. This filters out the iron which is then flushed out of the vessel at night time ready for the next day. You will find that your water is clean and pure and you spend much less time, money and effort in cleaning up the residue of the iron water.
A RainDance Water Systems Iron Filter can also help alleviate problems associated with manganese in your water. Manganese of more than 0.05 ppm can give water an unpleasant taste and it can cause discoloration. At these levels, manganese will also cause discoloration of clothes and utensils. The visible effect of manganese is apparent by the appearance of small black particles in your water which may give the water a dirty appearance. In large quantities, these particles can also cause problems by blocking valves and pipes and accumulating in tanks.


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Whole house iron and manganese filter for well water
Iron filters are easily installed at the mainline of your home. Installing this well water filter will prevent staining, odors, sediment and cloudy water!

Whole house sediment turbidity and cloudy water filtration
Sediment filters are used to protect household appliances, irrigation, and plumbing lines. If you have cloudy water these filters are a must have!

Iron bacteria filters for whole house well water treatment.
Do you need to remove iron bacteria from your well water? Install these systems to provide whole house water treatment & filtration!

Low pH filters for acidic well water correction and pH neutralizer.
Install a whole house calcite corosex water treatment system to neutralize low pH acidic well water.

Whole house reverse osmosis systems for brackish well water treatment.
A whole house reverse osmosis system is preferred when purified water is desired at every tap or when high salt levels or other impurities need to be removed!

UV disinfection systems for whole house well water users.
A UV disinfection system is installed on the feed water line to treat all incoming water from bacteria and viruses such as e-coli and coliform bacteria.

have your well water tested free for iron, manganese, low pH, total dissolved solids, nitrates, tannins, hard water, iron bacteria, and more.
Don't guess which well water filter may work for you. Have your water tested first and then purchase a water filter that works specifically for your water well!

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Alkalinity-is a measure of the water’s capacity to neutralize acid. Water with a high alkalinity (above 300 mg/L), when
boiled for an extended period of time, may form a deposit or develop an unpleasant taste. Water with a very low alkalinity
(below 30 mg/L) corrodes pipes and plumbing.

Bicarbonate- is a buffer ion in water, derived from carbonate rocks and atmospheric CO2. Water with pH 7.8 will be 60-
90% buffered by bicarbonate. If water is heated, bicarbonate can combine with calcium or magnesium to form scale which
can clog pipes and precipitate in sinks and laundry.

Calcium-is an essential human nutrient for bones and teeth. Excessive calcium with magnesium produces hard water,
which causes taste problems, scale in pipes, tubs, and sinks and excessive soap consumption. Water softeners remove
calcium but replace it with sodium, which may be harmful to people on low sodium diets.

Carbonate-along with bicarbonate, this ion accounts for the buffering capacity of waters with a pH greater than 9. It is most
often present as salts (CaCO3, MgCO3) which precipitate at a high pH.

Chloride-less than 250 mg/L is recommended to prevent unpleasant taste. The normal range for drinking water is 5-20
mg/L. High values may be an early indicator of contamination. Chloride also makes water more corrosive towards the
distribution system.

Conductivity (Specific Conductance)- a measure of the water’s ability to conduct an electrical current, it increases as the
amount of dissolved minerals increase. Conductivity is used as a check on the total dissolved solids in the water.

Hardness-caused mainly by calcium and magnesium, it produces incrustation on pipes, kitchen utensils, and tubs as well
as excessive soap consumption. Upon heating, hard water may form scale deposits, alternately, soft water may result in a
corrosion of water pipes. In general, 80-100 mg/L is considered acceptable, 200–500 mg/L is considered tolerable, and
greater than 500 mg/L is considered unacceptable.

Iron- the level of 0.3 mg/L is a general guideline based on aesthetics and taste. It is an essential human nutrient; however,
at levels greater than 0.3 mg/L, it stains laundry and plumbing fixtures, and causes undesirable taste in beverages. When
exposed to air, iron precipitates causing a reddish-brown color.

Magnesium-is an essential human nutrient for the heart and nervous system. Greater than 50 mg/L may have a laxative
effect on first time users. Guidelines are often based on aesthetics (taste). Along with calcium, magnesium contributes to
water hardness.

Nitrate + nitrite as N- 10 mg/L maximum contaminant level. Acutely toxic in infants under 6 months of age, nitrate
produces a blood disorder called methemoglobinemia (blue baby syndrome), which limits the amount of oxygen the
bloodstream can carry.

pH- is an aesthetic parameter. Low pH may cause corrosion of water pipes-while high pH may cause incrustation of pipes.

Potassium-is an essential human nutrient. It is necessary for nerve impulses. Moderate concentrations are acceptable, but
greater than 2000 mg/L may be harmful to nervous and digestive systems.

Sodium-is an essential human nutrient necessary for nerve impulses. If a water softener is used to remove hardness,
calcium is replaced by sodium. People on low sodium diets using water softeners should have the sodium level of their
water checked and consult a physician. Less than 20 mg/L is ideal.

Sulfate-is recommended to be below 250 mg/L for health and aesthetic reasons. The major physiological effects when
exceeded are catharsis (laxative effect) and gastrointestinal irritation. Sulfate may produce noticeable taste.

Total dissolved solids- represents the dissolved minerals in water. High values- above 500 mg/l – may cause taste,
corrosion, scaling and a laxative effect.

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