Well Water Iron Bacteria Filters For Well Water Poultry Farms, Livestock Equipment, Irrigation Water 

The Iron Max Plus Series: This package combines 3 high performance systems: our automatic chlorine feed pump, the Iron Max,and post carbon de-chlorination system. The Chlorine Feed Pump is designed to oxidize and treat Iron Bacteria (slimy iron), Sulfur Reducing Bacteria (rotten egg odor), and Tannins (yellow water). The Iron Max is designed to filter the oxidized contaminants above PLUS high levels of Ferrous Iron (clear water iron), Ferric Iron(red/orange as drawn), Manganese (black staining), Hydrogen Sulfide Gas (rotten egg odor), & Sediment and Suspended Solids (solid particles suspended in water) to provide quality drinking water. Lastly, our Post Carbon Filter is designed to filter any remaining chlorine in the water as well as VOCs (volatile organic chemicals), lead, and cysts.

Compare the RainDance Iron Max Plus & Service:
  • Removes high iron up to 50ppm, rust, manganese up to 15ppm, hydrogen sulfide gas up to 10ppm , sediment down to 3-5 microns, iron bacteria, sulfur reducing bacteria, and tannins up to 10ppm!
  • *Guaranteed Results & Great Warranty
  • Specified Iron Max filters are delivered pre-loaded with filter media for quick & easy installation!
  • FREE: Included post carbon block featuring GreenBlock Technology designed to filter chlorine, chemicals, lead, and cysts. Included to de-chlorinate your drinking and utility water.
  • RainDance provides free lifelong water testing & sends you the results to maintain optimum performance!
  • The RainDance Dealer Kit is now available to our everyday customers! Add our Free Iron Max Plus Dealer Kit at checkout to make start-up easier than ever! 
  • A+ BBB Rating - Quality Reliable Products & Superior Customer Service & Support - Compare our 365 day 24/7 RainDance Support Services To Any Other Qualified Water Treatment Company!

    Iron Max Plus Iron Bacteria Removal

    Solve Multiple Well Water Problems With The Iron Max Plus Series
    Iron, Iron Bacteria, Manganese, Sulfur Bacteria, Hydrogen Sulfide Gas, Tannins

    The Different Types of Iron & Bacteria Treated by The Iron Max Plus 

    Ferrous - This type of iron is often called "clear water iron" since it is not visible in poured water. It is found in water which contains no oxygen, such as water from deep wells or groundwater.

    Ferric - Ferric iron is also known as "red water iron". This type of iron is basically ferrous iron which has been exposed to oxygen (oxidized), usually from the air. These oxidized particles are generally visible in poured water.

    Iron Bacteria - Iron Bacteria is generally more common than sulfur bacteria, simply because iron is abundant in ground water. Iron bacteria are "oxidizing agents." That is, they combine iron or manganese dissolved in ground water with oxygen. A side effect of the process is a foul smelling brown slime which can coat well screens, pipes, and plumbing fixtures. This slime isn't a health hazard, but it can cause unpleasant odors, corrode plumbing equipment, and clog well screens and pipes. If conditions are right, the bacteria can grow at amazing rates and an entire well system may be rendered virtually useless in just a few months.

    There are several signs that may indicate an iron bacteria problem. Water may have a yellow, red or orange color. Rusty 'rainbow' slime deposits may form in toilet tanks. A strange smell resembling fuel oil, cucumbers, or sewage may be noticeable. Sometimes the odor will only be apparent in the morning or after other extended periods of non-use. Iron bacteria can be readily identified by the red, feathery floc which forms overnight at the bottom of a sample bottle containing iron and iron bacteria. In some places, it causes great damage; in others, it is considered a minor nuisance.

    Bacterial contamination of a water supply doesn't always mean 'health hazard'. Some types of bacterial contamination are more annoying than harmful. Iron and sulfur bacteria are two of the most common bacterial contaminants that well owners face. Neither type of bacteria is particularly harmful, at least not at the levels usually seen in well systems. However, they can be incredible nuisances. 

    Sulfur Bacteria - There are two categories of sulfur bacteria: sulfur oxidizers and sulfur reducers. Sulfur-oxidizing bacteria produce effects similar to those of iron bacteria. They convert sulfide into sulfate, producing a dark slime that can clog plumbing. Sulfur-reducing bacteria (SRB) live in oxygen-deficient environments. They break down sulfur compounds, producing hydrogen sulfide gas in the process. Hydrogen sulfide gas is foul-smelling and highly corrosive.

    A related nuisance problem that can result from sulfate in water is sulfur-oxidizing bacteria. These nonpathogenic bacteria convert sulfide into sulfate, producing a dark slime that can clog plumbing and/or stain clothing. Blackening of water or dark slime coating the inside of toilet tanks may indicate a sulfur-oxidizing bacteria problem. Sulfur-oxidizing bacteria are less common than sulfur-reducing bacteria 

    Find our complete selection of Iron Max Plus iron bacteria treatment systems below for Whole House and Commercial applications.

    Iron Max Plus-9
    Flow Rate: 8gpm
    Pipe Size: 3/4" or 1"
    1-5 Person Household / 1-2 Bathrooms

             Iron Max Plus-10
    Flow Rate: 10gpm
    Pipe Size: 3/4" or 1"
    1-8 Person Household / 1-3 Bathrooms

    Iron Max Plus-125-12
    Flow Rate: 18gpm
    Pipe Size: 1" or 1.25"
    1-10 Person Household /
    1-4 Bathrooms / Light Commercial

    The Twin Alternating Iron Max Plus system is designed to provide a continuous, unlimited supply of filtered water with dual alternating filter tanks that stagger backwashing cycles so one tank is always ready to filter water no matter when you need it!

    Twin Iron Max Plus-10
    Flow Rate: 10gpm
    Pipe Size: 3/4" or 1"
    1-8 Person Household / 1-3 Bathrooms / Light Commercial
    Continuous Iron & Sulfur Bacteria Filtration

    The Iron Max Plus Inline Package is specially designed for well water users that have a shared well or are unable to use an electric chlorination pump and want the hassle-free installation of an inline system!

    Iron Max Plus Inline Package
    Flow Rate: 10gpm
    Features: Non-electric chlorine feeder, contact tank, maintenance-free iron filter, post carbon polishing filter
    1-8 Person Household / 1-3 Bathrooms / Light Commercial

    The Iron Max Plus-FX series uses the same high performance filtration as our Iron Max Plus package treating iron bacteria, sulfur reducing bacteria, up to 30ppm ferrous & ferric iron, up to 5ppm manganese, up to 3ppm hydrogen sulfide gas odors, sediment down to 3-5 microns, and can also reduce the effects of hard water scale with the built-in salt-free hard water module!

    Iron Max Plus-FX-10
    Flow Rate: 10gpm
    Pipe Size: 3/4" or 1"
    1-5 Person Household / 1-2 Bathrooms / Light Commercial

    *Exclusive RainDance H2O Store Product!

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