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RDWS-Sierra Package Whole House Filtration & Scale Prevention System

Questions & Answers

What is Hard Water ?

Answer: The term hardness refers to the quantity of dissolved calcium and magnesium in water. These minerals, which come primarily from limestone type rock formations, are found to some degree in almost all natural waters. Calcium and magnesium cause problems for two principal reasons:

When the water is warmed, they precipitate out of solution and form a hard, rock-like scale. This scale accelerates corrosion, restricts flow, and reduces heat transfer in water heaters and boilers.
When they combine with soap, they react to form a curd, which interferes with cleaning, dries out skin, and leaves deposits on plumbing and clothes (bathtub ring; ring around the collar). The minerals in hard water gradually settle out forming a hard scale. Scale centimeters thick can build up over time in hard water areas. Scale build up will eventually clog pipe, and can decrease the life of toilet flushing units by 70 percent and water faucets by 40 percent according to a report published by the American Water Works Association (AWWA). Hardness scale can also shorten life of washing equipment, dishwashers, and clothes washers by as much as 30 percent according to the AWWA report.

Hardness is measured in parts per million (or the equivalent mg/L) or in grains per gallon (gpg). Note: if the water analysis is given in ppm as CaCO3 then 1 gpg = 17.1 ppm. There is no established limit for the acceptable level of hardness in water, but it is generally considered to become problematic at around 3 gpg.

Levels of hardness are referred to as follows:

Soft Water: 0 - 1 grains per gallon (gpg)
Slightly Hard Water: 1 - 4 grains per gallon (gpg)
Moderately Hard Water: 4 - 7 grains per gallon (gpg)
Hard Water: 7 - 10 grains per gallon (gpg)
Very Hard Water: Over 10 grains per gallon (gpg)

1. How does the Whole House No-Salt RDWS-Sierra Package work?

First, water enters the premium carbon prefilter to remove chlorine bad tastes and odors. Second, clean water now enters the hard water scale prevention media system. This media transforms calcium ions (hard water) into calcium crystals , which are stable and cannot attach to pipes, surfaces, hardware, or heat exchanger components. These crystals are so small they are easily rinsed away by water flow. Note: this is not a spot free system - A simple damp cloth (if at all) is more than sufficient to remove any residual mineral deposits.

2. Is the RDWS-Sierra Package a Water Softener ?

No. To "soften water" you actually have to remove the calcium and magnesium hard water minerals. The RDWS-Sierra Package does not remove the calcium or magnesium. These systems are alternatives to salt based water softeners and perfect for customers who live in banned water softener areas or who just want to Go Green ! The antiscale media transforms calcium ions (hard water) into calcium crystals , which are stable and cannot attach to pipes, surfaces, hardware, or heat exchanger components.

3. I see other companies advertising similar systems calling them "saltfee water softeners" no-salt water softeners" and "saltless water softeners" why don't you?

The RainDance Water Systems name is synonymous with quality and reliability. We offer and specialize in both salt less water conditioners and sodium optional water softeners. We are proud to say that we have many happy and satisfied customers throughout the World using both of these technologies. However, we choose to sell our non-salt water conditioners correctly by not calling them "water softeners" and want you to know that your water will not test soft due to the calcium & magnesium being left in the water and you wont get that slippery feel to the water.

4. Are your RDWS-Sierra Package environmentally friendly?

Yes. These systems do not require electricity, no brine water discharge or backwash water, no control valve, no drainline, no waste water, no salt, saves water !

5. Will your RDWS-Sierra Package provide whole house drinking water filtration?

Yes. Our RDWS-Sierra Package provides whole house chlorine bad tastes and chemical odor filtration at every tap! We even include an easy do it yourself chlorine test kit with each system !

6. Will the conditioned water make me feel slimy?

No. there will not be the slippery feel on your skin when you shower or bathe. This feel is typically associated with salt based water softeners.

7. Can your RDWS-Sierra Package be used to treat well water sources?

No. The RDWS-Sierra Package is designed to treat hard water, chlorine bad tastes and odors typically associated with city municipal water sources.

8. What type of maintenance can I expect to have with your RDWS-Sierra Package?

We consider our RDWS-Sierra Package a virtually maintenance free system. We recommend replacing the carbon prefilter approximately every 6-9 months or when needed. And the hard water antiscale media to be replaced approximately every 3-5 years or when needed.

9. Can I have a plumber install your RDWS-Sierra Package or can the home owner provide installation ?

A plumber or do it yourselfer can easily install the RDWS-Sierra Package and you will love the fact that you do not need to bother with a drain line or electricity. We also provide detailed installation instructions which allow DIY with basic plumbing knowledge to install themselves.

Eco-Friendly Water Conditioner Selection Guide:

RDWS-SierraPackage-9 -  Typically suited for a 2-5 person household.
RDWS-SierraPackage-10 -Typically suited for a 5-8 person household.
RDWS-SierraPackage-12 - High Flow Whole house conditioners typically suited for a 8-12 person household.
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