image Specials: The Southwest Alkaline Water Filter Uses Reverse Osmosis to Purify The Water First - Then Adds Healthy Minerals Back To The Drinking Water! 

Water Saving, Low Waste, High Recovery Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems Featuring Alkaline, Higher pH, ORP & Tourmaline Ceramic When Which Combined With Water, Generates Indispensable Minerals For The Body And Revitalizes The Water By Emitting Far-Infrared Rays  

Revere Osmosis Alkaline Drinking Water Purification Systems:

We offer dealers and everyday customers our best alkaline water filter with low waste high recovery reverse osmosis water purification!

Benefits of Alkaline Water

Alkaline water has become very popular amongst the health-conscious; however, all alkaline water is not made the same. The alkaline water that one must drink needs to possess five main properties:

    • The alkaline water must be purified through a reverse osmosis membrane
    • The alkaline water must have a pH above neutral and below 10.5
    • The alkaline water must have a negative oxidation-reduction potential
    • The alkaline water must emit far-infrared rays
    • The alkaline water must decrease the amount of clusters in the water molecule
    • Our "True Alkaline" RO drinking water filter accomplishes all the above requirements and more! 
    • The Post RO Alkaline Filter utilizes tourmaline ceramic, which, when combined with water, generates indispensable minerals for the body and revitalizes the water by emitting far-infrared rays.

The RainDance Southwest True Alkaline High Recovery

6-Stage 75gpd 1:1 Reverse Osmosis Filtration System

Appearance may vary

Health-conscious consumers are becoming concerned about the low mineral content in RO water along with the high waste of RO purifiers. With the excusive RainDance True Alkaline RO System you're getting purified AND remineralized water with as little waste as possible!

The RainDance True Alkaline series offers multistage prefiltration followed by a revolutionary high recovery RO membrane to remove a multitude of contaminants from your water as well as chlorine bad tastes and chemical odors.,Thw "Water Saver" RO membrane provides a purified, clean slate to allow the post alkaline stages to shine and provide enhanced pH and ORP for great-tasting and healthful water. The RainDance True Alkaline series purifies and then remineralizes with calcium, potassium, and magnesium, raises pH, lowers ORP, energizes, and enlivens your water to give it the taste and feel that one would experience drinking from a mountain stream.

The RainDance True Alkaline RO System Offers:

  • Super High Efficiency 75gpd Membrane
  • 50% Recovery Rate (1:1 Product/Waste Ratio)
  • Compact Space-Saving Undersink Design
  • 6 Stage Filtration Process WITH Alkaline Remineralizers - Described Below
  • Encapsulated Membrane Design for Quick At-Home Replacement
  • Long Reach Designer Dispensing Faucet
  • Includes Color-Coded Fittings & All Tubing for Simple Installation & Ease of Operation
  • Easily Replace Your Outdated, Wasteful RO with Integrated John Guest Fittings!
  • High Quality Water at an Affordable Price!


Stage One:  5 Micron Particulate Prefilter - Removes Dirt, Sediment, Sand, Rust, and Other Suspended Solids
Stage Two:  Activated Carbon GAC Prefilter - Reduces Chemicals, Chlorine, Insecticides, Pesticides, VOCs
Stage Three:  High Recovery RO Membrane - Removes 93-98% of Dissolved Minerals, Salts, and Other Contaminants
Stage Four:  Post Alkaline Filter - High Efficiency Remineralizer with Tourmaline Ceramic Generates Indispensable Minerals for the Body and Revitalizes the Water by Emitting Far-Infared Rays.
Stage Five:  Post pH Filter - Adds Trace Minerals For Higher Quality Alkaline Water
Stage Six:  Post Carbon Block Filter - Polishing Filter That Removes Residual Chemicals, Tastes, and Odors

✔ Auto Shut-off Valve (conserves water)
✔ Flow Restrictor - modified capillary
✔ Long Reach, Non-Airgap Faucet
✔ John Guest Quick Connect Fittings
✔ Great 2 Year Warranty

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RDWS-ALK-6-75 Alkaline RO System
Price: $499.00
Holiday Price: $425.00

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Model # RDWS-ALK-6-75 Alkaline RO System
Includes: 75gpd RO system - Dimensions: 17"L x 7"W x 23"H
Includes: 3.2 gallon storage tank - Dimensions 11"D x 15"H
Total System Weight: approx. 35lbs 
Power: Non-Electric
Feed Water Pressure: 40psi min / 70psi max 
Feed Water Temperature: 40*F min / 85*F max 
Feed Water pH: 3.0 min / 11.0 max 
Feed Water Iron: <0.3ppm 
Feed Water Manganese: <0.05ppm 
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS): 2,500ppm normal max 

Filter Replacement Package  Membrane Replacement Package 
RainDance True Alkaline Replacement Filter Kit
Package includes 1 Sediment Prefilter, 1 Carbon GAC Prefilter, 1 Post Alkaline Cartridge, 1 Post Inline pH Filter, and 1 Post Inline Carbon Filter.
Filters should be changed every 12 months or when needed.

Price: $195.00 - Free Shipping

RainDance True Alkaline Replacement Membrane
Package includes 1 Encapsulated GRO RO Membrane - membrane should be changed every 3-4 years.
Price: $55.00
 - Free Shipping

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